arnot building supply storefront

About Us

Arnot Building Supply has served Tioga county and surrounding areas since 1954. For over 60 years we have supplied our customers with the highest quality materials at a reasonable price, and exceptional customer service. Our sales team has well over 100 years combined experience in the building industry. We are one of the only building supply stores in the area that stocks LVL’s, lumber up to 24’, ½’’ sheet rock in 14’ and 16’, and have access to a truss company that has a crane truck. We are confident that once you give us a chance you will come back time and time again.

Our Timeline


Arnot Building Supply was founded by Floyd Harzinski in the old six room school house in Arnot PA.


The completion of a new store was completed to accommodate the store’s growing inventory and the business was moved. This building housed Arnot Building Supply until Floyd was approached by the United Parcel Services to rent the building for a distribution center. Floyd made the decision to rent to UPS which meant the closing of the Arnot Branch of Arnot Building Supply.


Floyd decided to purchase the Novelty Store property located at 52 Rail Road Avenue in Mansfield, PA.


Arnot Building Supply opened at their new location on May 25th, with an Open House to introduce the contractors to the new branch of Arnot Building Supply. After the successful opening of the store, he began construction on additional warehouses which are still known today as doors 3 through 7. In June of 1972, one of Floyd’s main reasons for purchasing the Novelty Store property would need to be re-thought, due to hurricane Agnes. This flood would devastate the local area including the railroad rails next to his property. Floyd had planned on utilizing the railroad for transportation of materials to the store since the tracks were right next door. After the flood, Floyd purchased the buildings and land from the rail road. This location is still referred to as the” railroad yard”.


Floyd sold the business to Keystone Development Corporation and retired.


The current owners, Gary and Joanne Butters purchased Arnot Building Supply from Keystone on December 1st


Gary and Joanne invested substantially in the business. They undertook aggressive remodelling by tearing out inside walls, opening up the floor, and re-designing the interior.


More space was added to accommodate growth and the relocation of the Butters Corporate offices on June 30th.


At 11:52 PM, July 10th a tragic fire completely decimated the main store and offices, Building 2 and all of the inventory each building housed. This left Gary and Joanne with a difficult decision. Jobs for employees and services to local contractors were at stake. Re-Building was clearly the only option.


The rebuilding of Arnot Building Supply was nearing completion and preparations were beginning for the Grand Re-opening in July, 2008.


Gary and Joanne’s son Adam Butters stepped into the role as General Manager.


Arnot continues to expand, grow, and meet the needs of their customers with the best customer service and quality materials in the area.